benefits of dried kiwi

Benefits Of Dried Figs
July 5, 2018
Benefits Of Dried Mint
June 23, 2019
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The kiwi is originally from China

But now people around the world are consuming it. Italy, New Zealand, China, France and Japan are the largest producers of kiwi. The fruit has been calling by variety of names until it was named Kiwi in 1959 (kiwi is derived from the native New Zealand native bird). In 1974 , the kiwi became the official trade name of the fruit.

Kiwi has high nutrients and low calorie content, so it is a very useful fruit. Due to its lowering effects on high levels of triglyceride, this fruit reduces blood concentration and prevents atherosclerosis and strokes. Kiwi has many antioxidants and has anti-cancer properties and reduces the chance of getting cancer.

Consumption of carrots can prevent vision loss. You must have heard this sentence many times, but you may not have heard that kiwi has the same effect. Kiwi contains vitamin A precursors as well as vitamin E and C to maintain the cells of the visual system. Vitamin C in kiwifruit enhances the body’s immune system. Kiwi is a good source of potassium and calcium. Potassium lowers blood pressure. Kiwi is diuretic. Because of their low calorie intake, people who are considering to lose weight can consume this fruit.

After eating meat dishes , some gastric acid is neutralized. In these conditions, kiwifruit enzymes can be activate for a short time, and this time is enough for the protein material to be digested and decomposed by these enzymes. This makes it easier to digest heavy foods in the stomach, so eating kiwi along with meat dishes is recommended for easier digestion.

Cell regeneration

High amounts of vitamin E in dried kiwi keep the skin moist. It is used to regenerate skin cells and make the skin supple and youthful.

Sun Causes

Dried kiwi is high in amino acids and vitamin C that fight off the sun’s harmful rays and prevent sun causes.

Preventing Hair loss

Fruits rich in vitamins C and E can help preventing hair loss and maintain hair health. Kiwi is high in these two essential vitamins. This tropical fruit contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc and phosphorus that stimulate blood circulation and thus accelerate hair growth.

Hair Blanching

The large amount of copper in the dried kiwi retains the natural color of the hair and prevents premature hair blanching

Struggle With Cancer

Kiwi is high in vitamin C, which is useful for inhibiting free radicals that damage skin cells and even lead to cancer. Just one kiwi can meet the 5 percent of your daily requirement for vitamin C, which is too much. In fact, kiwi has more vitamin C than orange and lemon.

Also, eating kiwi can help prevent colon cancer. This delicious fruit contains soluble fiber that helps the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Weight Loss

100 gram of kiwi has only 55 calories and its unique taste may be interesting to many. Kiwi also contains soluble fiber, which reduces hunger and boosts satiety.

Respiratory disorders

Vitamin C is usually recommended for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic cough. And dried kiwi is essential for people with respiratory problems because it is rich in this essential nutrient.

Antidote to smoking

Smokers need more vitamin C because it eliminates toxins, especially free radicals found in cigarette smoke. Therefore, smokers should consume about 40% more vitamin C. This is achieved by eating 2 kiwi.

Bomb against stress

Stress and lack of sleep affect the human body. Anyone who wishes not to have this condition should eat four kiwi per day. Divide the number of kiwifruit during the day. For example, morning ‘noon’ , afternoon and evening. Because the human body cannot store vitamin C.

  • Unparalleled properties of parsley for health, weight and skin and hair. Parsley is a herbaceous, biennial and aromatic plant that reaches 70 cm in height. Its leaves are dark green and have rhizome or oblong-shaped cutouts. The parsley leaves are green and parasitic.
  • Benefits of dried mint for headaches , stomachaches , skin, hair and mouth odor,Mint is one of the ancient plants used by humans more than 2,000 years ago and is also mentioned in the scriptures. Mint has many varieties, including Peppermint , Spearmint , Pineapple mint , Apple mint , Ginger mint , Cat mint , Chocolate mint , Orange mint , Lavender mint , Licorice mint …. . Mint has long been used in cooking, the pharmaceutical industry, and traditional medicine as a fresh and dried mint, peppermint, oil and tea, and peppermint peppers because of its strong aroma and spicy flavor.
  • Dried apples contain vitamins that can be very beneficial to the body. Apples contain some vitamins A and C. These vitamins help keep your bones and skin healthy. Apples also contain a lot of B vitamins. These vitamins regulate your body's natural metabolism and nourish your liver and skin. According to studies by the Linus Pauling Institute, one half-serving contains 6 percent of the daily vitamin B-6 and 3 percent of the body's B-5 vitamin. Both of these vitamins help produce the chemicals and neurons needed for brain activity.
  • Dried tomatoes are rich in vitamins C and A, folic acid or beta-carotene and small amounts of B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5 as well as various minerals including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, fiber, sodium, sulfur, a little Iron, copper and zinc.
  • Dried figs are one of the first dried fruits produced by humans.Although fresh figs are not available all year long , but you can always benefit from the properties of dried figs. You should include dried figs in your diet as it has many therapeutic benefits.
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