About Us

About Us



Create more than 600 jobs directly and indirectly


We have set up nearly 300 production lines in Iran


We have been able to launch production lines in countries such as Canada, Sweden, South Korea, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Oman, Afghanistan.

Years of experience

We have been operating since 2011

Latest Events

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  • April-2019Automatic washing line

    Design and manufacture of automatic washing line for fruits and vegetables
  • January-2018 Royeshgar Slicer

    Design and manufacture of Royeshgar-Slicer
  • June-2018 Royeshgar Mill

    Design and manufacture of Royeshgar-Mill
  • February-2017sixth generation of sprouts growth chamber

    Launch of the sixth generation of sprouts growth chamber equipped with technology of producing mung sprouts
  • May-2017Nano-Farm

    Announcement of the Nano-Farm growth chamber at the Sheikh Baha'i Festival
  • April-2011commencement of activity

    Company registration and commencement of activity in the field of hydroponic growth chambers

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