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It is better to have some background on edible buds and their advantages before starting to buy a growth chamber and we suggest you to use all the content on the site.

Nowadays, doctors recommend eating less meat and meat products, but then what is the way to get protein?

To response we can say that , beans and grains have a large amount of protein and fiber while containing low fat and cholesterol

Chinese doctors used edible buds to treat many disorders over 5000 years ago. During years between 1772-1775, Captain James Cook advised his sailors to use lemons and a variety of edible buds to prevent scurvy (vitamin C deficiency disease). Much research is being done on the effect of edible buds on health.

● Benefits of edible buds

Edible buds are one of the most complete nutrients in foods that have a high nutritional value. For example, bean sprouts have carbohydrates such as carbohydrate found in watermelon, vitamin A in lemons , thiamine in avocado,riboflavin in dried apple , niacin in banana, and vitamin C found in forest berries.

Edible buds are the best source of Vitamin C, beta-carotene and foulsin. Other studies show that edible buds are the most potent antioxidants and help prevent cancers.

Germination of seeds, grains and cereals increases the nutritional value and amount of vitamins in them.  For example, the amount of vitamin A in germinated beans is 2.5 times more of dried beans, and in some beans it is up to 5 times more.

Edible buds also maintain the body’s enzymes. They are easily digestible and can be digested by breaking down concentrate starch into simple carbohydrates as well as converting protein into free amino acids. These substances act as anti-micronutrients, such as enzymatic inhibitors, thereby making buds easier to digest.

One of the anti micro nutrients in grains and cereals that makes people unable to enjoy beans is phytates. Many people can’t use wheat because of this substance. But germinated wheat does not cause this problem in these people.There is a noticeable amount of micro nutrients in germinated seeds and grains in compare to variety of dried types of them. During the germination process, vitamins, minerals and proteins increase and their carbohydrates and calories decrease.Disintegration of germinated beans shows this increase happens because the water content in these substances rises.
For example, bean sprouts have about 3.5 times more water content than dry beans.

Let’s have a look to the key point of edible buds properties below.

Wheat germ: Wheat germ makes us good-tempred
Mung bean sprouts: Mung bean sprouts remove toxins from the body
Clover bud: Clover bud cures menopausal symptoms
Alfalfa buds: Alfalfa buds are iron ore
Lentil Bud: Lentil bud increases energy
Chickpea germ: High in protein


For example, bean sprouts have about 3.5 times more water content than dry beans. The changes in bean sprouts are as follows
Royeshgar ; Water, Time and Energy Management Solution

Methods of Producing Sprouts

Processes of Edible Sprout Production in the Royeshgar's Smart growth chamber

▪ The first step in producing high quality buds is to Provide winnowed seed and make sure that there is no broken seed.
▪ Broken seed causes mildew among the buds.
▪ Rinse the seed 3 or more times.
▪ Soak the seeds in warm water for 10 to 12 hours
▪ Rinse the soaked seeds.
▪ Pour the prepared seeds into special trays to completely fills the tray surface
▪ In case of using small seeds like alfalfa, clover, etc., it is better to use filter paper on the bottom of the trays..
▪ Place the prepared trays in the Royeshgar's smart growth chamber. < br />▪ The harvest time is.after 48-72 hours
▪ Learn to pronounce Pack fresh buds with complete hygiene.

The traditional way of producing sprouts

▪ Soak the seeds in the water from night to morning and pute them in a quite warm place (some seeds don't need to be soaked). ▪ Then leave them in the drain so their water completely be removed to prevent deterioration ▪ After soaking and rising keep them under the faucet gently for a short time ▪ Pour it into a glass or small tray and put a damp cloth on it and repeat the trimming and washing every morning and night . In the summer when the weather is so hot, repeat the trimming process three times a day. Keep the container in a dark,quite warm place the whole time. Note that there should be some water at the bottom of the seeds.
▪ If the ambient temperature is around 22 ° C and also the place is dark, the seed germinates very quickly. Depending on the type of the seed,after three to five days and sometimes more you can take the sprout from the dark and leave them across the sun behind the window. Always keep the bud moist so it grows slightly (don't forget to rinse).
▪ After staying in the sun for one to two days, the bud is ready to consummate. rinse it gently again and keep it in a container in refrigerator and use it gradually.
▪ If you want to peel some buds (such as mung beans or soybeans) from them، Pour the prepared bud into a bowl and fill it with water. Then stir gently. Shells come on water, but it is better not to separate the shells from the buds، Because these shells contain a lot of fiber, they are very useful for digestive function.
- Sprinkle some seeds like lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, like once or twice a day until they all be in touch with air and germinate
- Some seeds germinate earlier and some later, but if the seed is old, it does not germinate. Always buy the best type of the seed and buy as far as its possible buy seed herbal pesticides.
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Knowledge on the route of producing edible buds

Benefits of Edible Buds

Buds are seeds of edible plants that germinate without soil and get preparation to eat.. Nutrition experts say sprouts are the richest source of amino acids (for protein), vitamins and minerals,and also offer them as a snack because of their adequate fiber.
There are two substances in the lentil and mung bean sprouts that gradually kill cancer cells when they enter the body. Soybeans compete with meat in terms of nutritional value And also doesn't have meat disadvantages also due to having vitamin C, it is a competitor for tomatoes. Sprouts save you from colds and obesity with their vitamins and amino acids And they help your digestion the most.بMake salads with them and serve them in soups or vegetable purees. The simplest way is to pour them into a bowl and eat with a little seasoning.

● Wheat Sprout
This bud is full of vitamins B and E And has 5 to 6 times more vitamin B than its grain And 3 times more vitamin E And it contains 200 calories of energy per 100 grams.The vitamin B in wheat sprout eliminates insomnia , stress and fatigue makes you relaxed and by regulating nervous system. It eliminates harmful free radicals through selenium, magnesium and vitamin E,and boosts the immune system and brain activity. It also enhances the activity of the gonads and provides oxygen for the body and is useful for relieving inflammation of the body.

● Mung bean Sprout
It is brimful of vitamin C and helps to absorb iron of food. Learn to pronounce The main benefit of this sprout is to eliminate fatigue and lethargy. The mung bean sprouts increases breast milk، It’s diuretic, repels Toxins of the body and resolves the bile , and doesn't cause fatness.

● Clover Sprout
This sprout has a lot of vitamins C, A and iron and calcium and low in calories And it regulates the body's hormones، useful for relaxing، Improves hot flashes and mood swings due to menopausal symptoms It is a blood purifier and liver enhancer and reduces hypertension.

● Alfalfa sprouts
This sprout contains a variety of nutrients And because of its manganese and chromium content, it plays an important role in the body's natural insulin production Learn to pronounce And the Arabs call it the king of sprouts. Alfalfa sprout due to containing saponins reduce bad blood cholesterol and reduce arterial stiffness and deposition. Its high calcium is useful for bone growth in growing children It has 5 times more iron than spinach and is high in vitamin C. Remember that this sprout is quite flatulent and laxative.

● Lentil Sprout
This sprout contains vitamins A, B, C, folic acid and iron, phosphorus and calcium . The lentil sprout is a heart conditioner, a blood purifier, a kidney cleanser and an energizer. Its fiber also has a role in reducing cholesterol and hypertension and regulating insulin secretion And because of its high protein content, it has a high saturation.

● Pea Sprout
It has a lot of protein and is softer and more digestible than its seeds. High in energy and high in phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamins B and E And its mineral content is 5 times more than its seed.

● Sunflower Sprout
Sunflower seeds are one of the easiest and fastest seeds that germinate easily But as soon as the seeds germinate, they should be eaten Or after about three days use it with buds and leaves growing about two or three centimeters. Sunflower sprout is rich in B vitamins, herbal protein, essential fatty acids amino. Oil or sprout of sunflower play an important role in the health of the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems.Put the germinated seeds in a lattice or cloth bag or drain them to keep the buds moist and fresh. Sunflower sprouts are not the kind of buds that are known by public. The seeds are mostly used but to enjoy the benefits , easily plant them at home.

Eat the Sprout Raw

After rinsing the sprouts , you can use them with yogurt or different kinds of salads , Or use them with sandwiches and burgers. It is better to eat them raw to use benefit of them most.Also you can stir them on gentle heat with olive or sesame oil.

● Click on the image to view the different ways of using the sprouts

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